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X-mas Santa’s Farm Tournament Terms and Conditions

50,000 EUR Prize Pool
The promotion period will begin at 00:01 GMT on Monday, the 24th of December and end at 23:59 GMT on Sunday, the 6th of January 2019
The points will be calculated through mobile and desktop play, and both games. 50 players who have wagered the most for the 14 promotion days will win prizes as defined below.

How does it work?
• To take part in the promotion, a player should bet min. 10€ in the game in question.
• Players will earn 1 point each time they make a real money wager of 1€ on either desktop or mobile versions of GameArt slot: Santa’s Farm.

50.000 EUR Prize Pool will be distributed as follows:

1. - Range Rover Evoque (or 45,000 EUR)
2. - MacBook Air (or 1,300 EUR)
3. - iPhone XS (or 900 EUR)
4. - iPad Pro (or 500 EUR)
5. - Bose headphones (or 300 EUR)
6. - 200 EUR
7. - 150 EUR
8. - 100 EUR
9. - 80 EUR
10. - 70 EUR
11-20. - 50 EUR
21-30. - 40 EUR
31-40. - 30 EUR
41-50. - 20 EUR

The first five prizes are exchangeable for cash :
Range Rover Evoque or 45,000€
MacBook Air or 1,300€
iPhone XS or 900€
iPad Pro or 500€
Bose headphones or 300€

• In case of a tie, the player with higher number of winning rounds will gain priority;
• The winners will be announced at the end of the promotion period;
• No leaderboard will be displayed during or after the promotion. The winners will be announced directly via e-mail;
• Each player participating in the mentioned promotion authorizes and accepts the publication of his username for any purpose related to the promotion;
• Each player participating in the promotion recognizes to have read and accepted this Terms and Conditions.

The Company reserves the right to modify, cancel or terminate the promotion at any time.

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